• Say goodbye to the bulky paper registers
    Replace your old paper visitor register with an efficient,
    easy to use, secure and affordable digital alternative.
  • Yes, you can use this
    Corporate houses, Event organizers, Housing Apartments/Gated Communities,
    Hospitals, Schools, Colleges, Clubs, Gyms or any other similar institution.
  • Awesome advanced features
    One time registration, visitor authentication & management, cloud storage,
    data security, efficient appointment management, Easy visit data access.

Ever wondered how to effectively keep a watch on the walk-ins to your premises while keeping those recorded for years to come!! Well we thought of it and this made us design an amazing application that efficiently manages all visitors, visits and data thereof. mVisitor is a complete visitor management solution that you will wish to have for your establishment.

Highly Secure

You know exactly how many people are/were in your premises at a given point of time and who are they and with whom they are. All the visitor data and details of his belongings are recorded just to ensure the visitor does not damage any life or property.

  • Inbuilt security features limit the risk of any mishap in the secured premises
  • Visitors informations are checked before giving an appointment
  • All the visitor data is exclusively made available and is totally secure (no one else can access these data without admin’s permission)
  • Custom verification methods can be used as per the user's’ requirement

Easy (One time) registration

No waiting in long Queues!! It takes only few seconds to sign in a visitor. The registration process for a first time visitor is of 30 seconds including all his details and photograph (optional).

  • You get to design your visitor registration form
  • Simple and less time consuming registration process
  • Visitors registered once are not required to register again and again
  • Previously registered visitors’ details can be fetched by his phone number, employee id, QR code etc.

Easy appointments’ management

Visitors take appointment by giving their details and that of the employee whom they want to meet. The concerned person whose appointment is sought gets an email containing all the details of the visitor and the date and time when he wants to meet. Employees (or admin) can manage their appointments.

  • Get email notification as and when an appointment is scheduled
  • Verify the visitor details and accept or reject to meet the visitor
  • Employees can block annoying visitors (appointments sought by a blocked visitor get cancelled automatically)
  • Employees can restrict some visitors (from a group of visitors who took appointment) from meeting them

Validate Visitor details

You can’t just let anyone enter your property and do whatever he wishes. Take all information about a visitor before accommodating him. mVisitor comes with many inbuilt validation techniques to ensure correctness of the data provided by the visitors.

  • Online and On the Spot security verification of visitor data
  • OTP, email and/or other similar methods of verification
  • Admin decides what all details of any visitor are to be verified before allowing him to enter the office/ establishment premises

Visitor data & Visit History

Do not struggle with the messy handwriting of the visitors. Those data are of no value if you can not read them. Make yourself free from handwritten visitor information, avail of the digital storage to keep all your visitors’ info safely backed up.

  • Search for any visit data by date, visitor number or employee name/number etc.
  • Download all visit and visitor data as and when required
  • Get safe, legitimate and accurate data in effortlessly readable form
  • Details of the visitors and appointments are stored at the very moment they are registered and/or scheduled

One click signout

Easily signout visitors upon their exit. Just lookup for the card number issued to the visitor and sign him out from the list.

  • Visitor in-time, out-time and time spent in the premises are recorded
  • Admin decides whether the visitors’ batch/card is to be taken off on exit
  • No further formalities at exit time (visitors won’t have to enter their exit time when they leave)
  • Security can access to in-premises visitor report

Full admin control

Buyer of the solution gets full control over his application. He can have an url of his own and set the application as per his personal preference without developer interference.

  • View all the appointment, visit details (search for any data as and when required)
  • Decide which all details of a visitor are to be captured and which are to be strictly verified
  • Choose access level for different users in his office
  • Manage (add and manage as per requirement) his staff and entry/exit points (Employees, Front office, Security incharge, Entry/Exit gates etc.)

Customizable as per need

Customize your application as you want. mVisitor can be upgraded to accommodate additional features (if any) desired by the user (client) and works efficiently on any android operated device.

  • Suitable for handling registration of guests for events (proved to be an efficient tool for event management)
  • Scope of enhancement (you can add on customizable features as per your requirement)
  • Works on any Android operated device and/or your PC/Laptop
  • Effectively manages members and their guests for clubs, gyms, libraries etc.


Charges vary depending on costumer requirements. Please contact us for more information.


mVisitor is really easy to use and efficiently manages all our visitors. I have never come across an application like this. It didn’t take hours to set up and registers visitors within fractions of time. Am really impressed with the variety of features it offers.

-Mayank Pandey

Since we got mVisitor set up in our office, we have never let any visitor waiting at the reception :) Our clients are really happy with our quick response to their appointment requests and instant login service at the front desk.


We had an Event scheduled and were looking for a quick solution to register our guests and restrict mischievous visitors and thus we came across mVisitor. This application helped us in registering our guests within seconds and also verifying all the details provided by them.

-Aman Mittal

mVisitor is the best among the visitor management solution i ever took. It’s convenient to use, totally secure, I can see any visit data whenever I wish to, lets me take appointment over email. My employees are really happy and so are my clients and these people let me customize mVisitor as I liked it.

-Ruchika Jain

mVisitor is a great platform that allows us to have everything at one place, while giving us detail data on our visitors. The visitor searching is fast and effective. It is easy to navigate and a helpful tool when tracking our visitors.

-Siddharth Basu

I am really amazed by the way mVisitor works. It has made tracking of visitors, managing their data, appointments so fast, so easy and so convenient. It is an awesome application.

-Kirti Agarwal

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